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Puppy Classes, Dog Daycare, Agility, Flyball, Little Dog Sundays       

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Dog Daycare: 780-465-9998

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Get your puppy off to a Head Start! 

Start with Puppy Level 1 
2nd set of vaccinations required.
(rabies & kennel cough not required) 

Dog Training, Puppy Classes, Doggy Day Care, Agility, Little Dog Play Group, Obedience, Flyball 

Puppy Classes 3 months -1 year -- 'The Sooner the Better'

Over 12 years of Service
to the Dog Community of
Edmonton, Sherwood Park & Area

 Online Video support after every class
class at Sherwood Barks.  Membership to our private Facebook Group

*All puppies, dogs & handlers depicted on this site are current or past students of Sherwood Barks Dog Training.  

Little Dog Sundays

12:00-noon Advanced Little Dog Agility Resumes

1pm  Beginner Little Dog Agility  Begins
4 weeks 
2:00- 4:00pm  
Every Sunday
Drop in Little Dog Play Group

Dog Name,Age, Breed& Handler?
Class Date&Time


Price List & Refund Policy


Puppy Classes, Variety Class,

                      Flyball class, & Agility Classes.                     

6 weeks - (Same Day & Time)
        once a week for six weeks 

Each Set of Classes consists of 6 classes.

**Bonus...... 15 min. of free play time before                                                  every class**

1 hour of instruction time per week x 6.


Deposit:$89 (includes GST)
     Deposit required on completion of                            registration form:

Balance after deposit.  Payable at registration class #1: $110
                         (includes Gst) 

Full Price $199 (includes GST)

Full Payment:  $199 (includes GST)

Deposit  = $89.00 (includes GST)

(payable on completion of registration form)

Balance $110 (includes GST) due on

registration night class # 1. 

Registration Form

Puppy 2 registration

Refund Policy:  Class deposits are non-refundable 

 Sherwood Barks Dog Training classes are typically

 FULL with a waitlist.

Exceptions: Veterinary certification

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